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Little Smarties


This community’s plea was to “please give our children a better future”. Macassar is a community challenged with gangsterism, substance abuse, gender-based violence, high school dropout rates, adult illiteracy, unemployment and a lack of foundation phase education. During the pandemic lockdown, we started a street art project in this community. With over 120 young children regularly attending, the project quickly developed into a sustainable street school with the donation of the 'Smart Hub' (converted containers) providing free education and resident teacher training.

Smart Teens

Smart Teens was a natural extension of Little Smarties to focus on this high risk age group. We utilise outdoor education to develop life skills and personal responsibility. Dynamic and innovative sexual health education is a major focus and is reinforced by our team's nurturing and supportive approach. Individualised emotional and academic support encourages each to reach their full potential.


Park Buddies

We empower youth groups to be community eco-warriors. Previously marginalised youths have enabled us to demonstrate inclusivity and community building, meeting weekly to clean up community spaces. Teamwork, personal responsibility & commitment are emphasised. A local educator maintains an attendance, effort and team spirit register so that individuals learn the values of commitment and character. We dream that ParkBuddies will eventually be running a community garden to offer fresh produce to this underprivileged community.

Summit 4 Purpose

Connecting with nature is such a vital element to our human spirit and to our sense of personal responsibility. Underprivileged communities lack green space and access to biodiversity. Providing communities access to nature affords them a new perspective & respect.



The goal is to empower informal settlement residents to be fire safety ambassadors for their own communities. Local leaders & residents empowered with knowledge on preventative action as well essential first responder actions help to prevent extensive and destructive fires. 


This started as an entrepreneurship project to assist unemployed youth to generate income by renting pavement seating to people queuing outside government departments. Participants quickly preferred to continue offering this as community service to those most vulnerable. The  group is assisted to obtain skills development and work opportunities. 


Youth Development


Youth empowerment has the power to change communities, to impact on promoting positive life choices, reduce gender based violence, gangsterism and substance abuse.

We partner and support many grassroots projects and NPO’s that utilise sport to empower youth in their region. Collaborating & connecting our diverse strengths & skills offers a powerful upliftment for the young minds of the future.

Health Education

The foundation project where functional medicine is essential for wellbeing and social upliftment.

Soap4Safety provides hygiene awareness principles. The Sexual Health education project focusses on  impactful awareness. Comprehensive interactive workshops are provided to boys and girls, debunking myths around puberty, menstruation, life choices and sexual behaviour. Promoting positive life choices, reducing gender based violence and substance abuse. We also support girls with economically and environmentally sustainable reusable sanitary pads.


Women's Empowerment

The power and influence women have on the fabric of society is particularly relevant in underprivileged areas where up to 70% of children have absent fathers. Empowering women uplifts an entire community and supports youth development and educational advancement. We focus on skills development and growing collaborations between women.

The Homeless

Homeless shelters cannot cope with the growing numbers of homeless individuals. In collaboration with these support services we support a weekly mobile soup kitchen prepared by community scholars. Summit4Purpose is a wonderful outdoor experience for homeless individuals to feel included and connected to the greater community and engage with nature. QBuddy empowers them to do community service and earn tokens from the Night Shelter.

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